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Nov 25, 2020

Julie and Sam catch up after a two-month hiatus... just in time for Thanksgiving. Hear about their exciting (sad) holiday plans and what they're most excited for (dreading) this winter. Julie asks Sam if she recommends sequestering for the sake of her elderly family member because of our local COVID uptick. Plus:

Sep 16, 2020

Local nurse practitioner and public health educator Karen Wolf talks to Sam about how the history of contact tracing & quarantine relate to our current moment. Karen answers questions like:

-Are local universities Susquehanna and Bucknell really testing students' poop for COVID viral load?

-How does government-led...

Aug 13, 2020

Sam and Julie talk about our local public schools reopening amidst an uptick in COVID cases. Since the beginning of August, Union County's cases have doubled. Looking at a map of outbreaks across the country, our county sticks out as the darkest spot in the state of Pennsylvania. PA State Health Secretary, Dr. Rachel...

Aug 5, 2020

Sam checks in with Lewisburg Community Garden Coordinator Jen Schneidman Partica to find out how the garden is coping during COVID and why they're not dropping the ball when it comes to feeding the community. Sam & Jen give recommendations on how to get involved around Lewisburg safely while observing COVID restrictions...

Jul 18, 2020

We are now well into the hot, sticky beauty of summer in Rural Pennsylvania with our abundance of forests, creeks, and campsites. What does a fun, safe summer of Covid look like? Sam and Julie talk about Summertime in Lewisburg 2020:

-Should we be traveling to the beach? 
-Are we allowed to drink in Downtown...