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Nov 25, 2020

Julie and Sam catch up after a two-month hiatus... just in time for Thanksgiving. Hear about their exciting (sad) holiday plans and what they're most excited for (dreading) this winter. Julie asks Sam if she recommends sequestering for the sake of her elderly family member because of our local COVID uptick. Plus:

-What's the current COVID situation here in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley?

-What’s going on at the local hospitals?

-Learn just how easy it is to pass COVID to your family when you think you're being safe.


Key References

  • MyCOVIDrisk app 
  • Winter COVID Reader -- including a range of links and resources including information about recommended precautions/quarantining/testing for college students returning home for the holidays — article from NPR, article from NYT

Creative Alternatives

Related Content

  • GSV United Way Public Health Forum video (program starts at 19:30) -- Sam misspoke in citing some of the statistics share in the forum from memory.  She was correct on the number of people admitted to Geisinger hospitals being at a rate of one an hour on Nov 19, but those hospitalized were more like 41% under 65 and 50% of those were under 50!  She was also correct on the 85-90% of hospitalized COVID patients throughout the year having NOT been from nursing homes.
  • How to Read a Graph Mid-Pandemic -- article on LN website
  • A Turkey in Every Pod! -- another article on LN website
  • WKOK Sunrise Single Segment on same topic 



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