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Apr 29, 2020

How do we communicate our frustration during a pandemic? Julie talks to local resident and former congressional staffer Mike Glazer about liberty during the Covid-19 crisis: how we can best make our voices heard, which elected officials we should be communicating with, and Mike's take on the anti-shutdown protest in Harrisburg last Monday, April 20, 2020.


What Do We Need!
Nonpartisan Call-to-Action on testing and logistics -- the page on the Lewisburg Neighborhoods website includes an update reflecting the fourth COVID-19 Stimulus bill; thank your legislators if you contacted them and they voted for it; continue to keep an eye on testing developments
Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act -- Stimulus #4

Testing, Testing, Testing:
Testing Deep Dive -- "an ongoing testing regimen reduces the number of people that need to be isolated, allowing the remainder to return to work," plus the details
Contact Tracing Corps -- Medical Students, National Service and Public Health
Rockefeller Foundation Testing Proposal -- more concrete, slightly more modest, call on Peace Corps and AmeriCorps
On Reopening:
CDC Guidance for Reopening -- testing is required (but vague on how or or by whom)
PA Phased Reopening Plan -- includes link to the full plan
National Coronavirus Response:  A Road Map to Reopening -- American Enterprise Institute proposal, includes lots of testing
Draft of Detailed Reopening Guidelines -- still in the works, preview here
For offices -- what might this look like
For restaurants -- a twitter thread with images


  • Email
  • Call 570-523-0114 (leave a message and your full phone number if you want to be called back. We can’t access your number remotely.)
  • Message us through the Lewisburg Neighborhoods page on Facebook.